About the Show

With four decades’ worth of roles in over 70 films, Hollywood icon John Cusack has enjoyed a varied and diverse career. Now, join John for a screening of one of his hit movies on the big screen followed by a LIVE conversation regarding his career and the making of his films. Fans will get the opportunity to experience a moderated discussion, with John answering audience questions as well.
Depending on the market, fans will enjoy one of these three classic movies.
Say Anything… (1989) featured was a breakout role for John (Llyod Dobler). Ranked by Entertainment Weekly as #11 on the list of 50 best high-school movies, Say Anything… remains a fan favorite 30 years later.
High Fidelity (2000) is the story of record shop owner Rob Gordon on a search for love against a backdrop of over 70 songs spanning multiple decades and genres of music. Rotten Tomatoes has ranked the film #14 on the list of Best Romantic Comedies.
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) features John as a  professional assassin (Martin Blank) who is attending his 10 year high school reunion while working on a hit. A commercial and critical success with a killer soundtrack!